25 December 2007

Movies of the Year

Hey now! This week "of the week" becomes "of the year."

After we eat, Christmas is the time for Jews to go to the movies. Just got back from a pretty crowded multiplex and figure it's time to rundown my favorite flicks of 2007. Probably half the new movies I should see will get seen on DVD some time next year, so take that into account, I only have so much free time, and if I get out of the house, pretty good chance I'll be seeing music and not some heady cinema.

Those caveats aside, I will say that two movies stand head and shoulders above the rest for me and I'm not sure anything will bump them from positions 1 & 1a, those being "No Country for Old Men" briefly discussed here and "Ratatouille" which I saw in the theater and several times on DVD and still find completely amazing on so many levels -- you don't need no kids, one of the better meditations on art, artists and art criticism you'll find.

A lot of comedies this year, not sure what that means, war in Iraq and blah ha blah ha blah...

The list:

  1. No Country for Old Men
  2. Ratatouille
  3. Juno
  4. Superbad
  5. Bourne Ultimatum
  6. The Simpsons Movie
  7. Knocked Up
  8. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
  9. The Lives of Others
  10. Zodiac
  11. Hot Fuzz
Breakout year: Michael Cera... who saw it coming? I did, that's who! 19 years old and Canadian, the future is bright.

I know I've missed a lot, what should be on the top of my Netflix queue?

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