20 December 2007

minimix: Comes Alive Vol. 6

Not sure what's up with that, but last week's mix [Last Batch] was poorly attended, so another chance to grab that one (link below)... it's good, I assure you!

Anyhoo, here are some live tracks from the latter half of this year. Thanks always to the tapers, radio stations and others who make these great tunes readily available. As usual, these being live recordings, the quality varies, but it's all good. Here's to much rockin' and rollin' in 2008.


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01 While You Were Sleeping -- Elvis Perkins in Dearland: 3 December 2007
02 Pilgrims -- Widespread Panic: 29 September 2007
03 The General Specific -- Band Of Horses: 6 September 2007
04 Time Travel Is Lonely -- John Vanderslice: 22 September 2007
05 Fake Empire -- The National: 17 August 2007
06 Trapeze Swinger -- Iron and Wine: 29 November 2007

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