29 November 2007

minimix: Shuffleupagus.4

Letting ye olde algorithm choose the mix again this week, with the one caveat being that I've restricted the choices to music released or recorded during 2007. So here's a random -- literally and figuratively -- mix of this year's infinite crop of tunes, including a couple live tracks of varying sound quality (two performed within a day of each other, interestingly enough). Enjoy... I hope!

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01 Can't Leave Her Behind -- Stephen Malkmus & Lee Ranaldo: I'm Not There
02 Welcome, Ghosts -- Explosions In The Sky: All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
03 All This Time -- Heartless Bastards: Atlanta 9 June 2007
04 Wet and Rusting -- Menomena: San Francisco 8 June 2007
05 Underwater (You and Me) -- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Some Loud Thunder
06 Firecracker -- Steel Train: Daytrotter Session

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