15 November 2007

Links of the Week

Let's start with another edition of "information that's only interesting to me"

Semi-regular update on downloads. Last done here. (previous)

  1. Arcade Fire 17Feb97 (1)
  2. WSP Reno 3/29/97 Part 1 (2)
  3. minimix 26oct07 -- Mix R Treats (UR)
  4. Best of 2006 disc 2 (3)
  5. minimix 11may07 -- Jazzercise.3 (UR)
  6. minimix 16feb07 -- F.Art.S. Vol 2 (Herring) (9)
  7. minimix 6apr07 -- Americana Is Beautiful.1 (5)
  8. minimix 20jul07 -- Jazzercise.4 (UR)
  9. minimix 8jun07 -- Comes Alive Vol 3 (4)
  10. minimix 16mar07 -- Comes Alive Vol. 2 (6)
[dropped out:12. WSP Warfield 3/31/97 Part 1(7);11. minimix 6jul07 -- HORDEstalgia (8);13. WSP Reno 97 part 2 (10)]

Biggest movers since last we looked:
  1. wsp22apr97 d2
  2. minimix 21nov06 -- TurkeyTrot
  3. bjork 5may07
  4. minimix 19oct07 -- Frisell F.Art.S.
  5. Arcade Fire 17Feb97
And a handful of links:
Finally, another Conversation With/Education of LJ (i.e. what a 6 year old thinks about when you're driving to the grocery store)

LJ: If you go to jail, do you ever get out?
Dad: Sometimes.
LJ: Like if you get better... if you're a better listener?
Dad: Right, it's called rehabilitation.
LJ: So, like if you cut down a tree and you go to jail you might get out if you promise not to?
Dad: Well, you probably wouldn't go to jail for that.
LJ: Or smashed a car?
Dad: Well, if you did that and went to jail, you would get out. But if you killed someone, you probably wouldn't.
LJ: Oh. Like the man who killed Abraham Lincoln is still in jail.
Dad: Well, not any more, he's dead.
LJ: Yeah! Sometimes you go to jail for so long that you just die there, right?
Dad: Right, it's called a life sentence, cause you go there for the rest of your life.
LJ: I don't ever want to go to jail.
Dad: Me neither.

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