14 January 2008

Download of the Week

OK, so it's been a long time coming, but I finally got my DAT deck repaired and jerry-rigged a way to get the music onto my computer. So, I'm starting a new feature here at OTW and am going to try and unload a show or two every week on you (in addition to the minimix and Nedstalgia stuff). I'll follow some warped OTW version of the calendar and try to mix it up a bit as we go along. Requests and feedback are welcome and please spread the word so it's worth my while. Quality should be pretty good overall...

This week, two Panic shows from Virginia. The first is backtracking on a brief mention in this Nedstalgia episode from the summer when I couldn't offer it then. The second is a show from 20+ years ago. Amazing to think that WSP has been playing for 21 years without any appreciable break, that's got to put them on some sort of list. Lots of banter and fun covers on this one. I especially like how JB introduces Chilly Water: "here's another brutal original." I wonder what his reaction would have been like if you were to tell him what kind of crowds and venues that song would be played in front of over the next two decades.

Anyway, enjoy the shows, and please leave a comment, good or bad as these come along.

Widespread Panic
Strawberry Banks, Hampton, VA 13 July 1997
Download the show here: part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4
setlist courtesy of Everyday companion

Max's Cafe, Richmond, VA 14 November 1987
Download the show here: part 1 part 2 part 3
setlist courtest of Everyday Companion



lgtsotrsdh said...

Right on, Neddy! I've been wishing I had the Strawberry Banks show ever since I put all those cassettes in storage back in Virginia.

I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm curious if this is the soundboard source or Ethan's audience recording.

OhioHead said...

Ned - absolutely love the expanded OTW download series! Quick question how hard is it hook up a Nakamichi deck to a PC, what software do you need to track, name, etc?

I would love to digitize those 1st gen AUD masters of WSP and Phish that I collected while in college!

Would love the advice - let me know.


neddy said...

Yo Ohio-
Thanks for the note. Should be pretty easy to do what you need.

If you're just going from analog, there are plenty of USB devices you can hook up plug-and-play and good freeware you can use. I'm using Audacity to stream in and CDWAV is easy to split tracks once you have your WAV file.

Good luck and enjoy...