23 January 2008

Links of the Week

A few links for ya:

  • Because it's been a while with the obligatory St. Vincent poop, TRock points us in the direction of this nice show for download. Plenty other goodies on that site as well.
  • Did you see how the Fiery Furnaces are conducting their present tour? Liffy caught them in his new hometown.
  • This is one cool car.
  • For the parents out there... good advice.
  • Science is awesome... and sometimes groovy cool. Check this one out.
  • Finally, in case you missed it, I started a "master list" of all the shows available for download (not including mixes). You can find the list here. Bookmark, spread around enjoy. That link will update when new shows go up. Hopefully that will be pretty regularly now. Feedback good and bad is appreciated.
  • While I'm at it, we recently went over 5000 downloads(!) good time to recap where we are with another edition of greatest hits, last done here.:
Most popular OTW downloads (prev. rank)
  1. Arcade Fire 17Feb07 (1)
  2. Galactic 18Jan97 part 1 (ur)
  3. WSP Reno 3/29/97 Part 1 (2)
  4. Best of 2006 disc 2 (4)
  5. minimix 26oct07 -- Mix R Treats (3)
  6. bjork 5may07 (ur)
  7. minimix 20jul07 -- Jazzercise.4 (8)
  8. minimix 8jun07 -- Comes Alive Vol 3 (9)
  9. galactic 18jan97 part 2 (ur)
  10. (tie)minimix 6apr07 -- Americana Is Beautiful.1 (7)
  11. (tie)minimix 16mar07 -- Comes Alive Vol. 2 (10)
Biggest movers since November
  1. bjork 5may07
  2. Three Little Birds (Robert Randolph 9Feb03)
  3. Arcade Fire 17Feb97
  4. wsp 22apr97 part 2
  5. Best of 2006 disc 2

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