04 January 2008

Links of the Week

Things were flying fast and spurious the last couple weeks, so here's a little rewind on the year-end posts:

I got into the Google Analytics thing midway through the year and am happy to report that the #1 visited post on the blog was this one. Which just goes to show: if you want high traffic on your site, put the words "sex" and "horses" in the subject... we live in a f'ed up world, people.

It was a good year here, but looking forward to rocking it out 2nd-set-style here in 2008. My new year's resolution for OTW is to not be so damned long-winded, but don't expect me to follow through on that one. Hopefully we'll get that long-awaited vault-busting going on my old music collection.

In the meantime, here's a download by request of the entire Elvis Perkins show highlighted in a recent mix. Perkins was definitely one of the top discoveries of the year for me, and this is well worth your bandwidth:Disc 1 Disc 2

Enjoy and thanks for hanging out...

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