26 February 2008

Downloads: FBVIII

So, Freaks Ball... my review is this: first beer(s) around 6pm, soundcheck, whiskey, something something, shots of tequila, something something, lots of people I know having fun, something something, spills drink(s) on self, scene(s) involuntarily deleted, hey, I know you!, headbanging good times, whiskey, fuck yeah!, feeling fuzzy around the edges, tequila, fade to black (no money lost), see you next year.

In lieu of anything more descriptive, here are some downloads of SBD's courtesy of JR's foresight:

Bustle Set I
Bustle Set II
Mocean Worker

American Babies to come, hopefully. Let me know if you have any problems with these and I'll repost on my Mediafire.


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