13 February 2008

Mid-Winter Recess

Posting will continue to be light the next couple of weeks, apologies for that. Until then:

  • I was going to do a nice big multi-part Nedstalgia on the rest of my 2/93 Phish experiences, which were pretty darn sweet on both a personal and musical level. I can do them belatedly if there's any enthusiasm for such. I'm thinking of a number and if more than that number of people reply in the affirmative, I'll give it a wing.
  • Freaks Ball kicked butt, if I may so humbly say so. Hopefully I'll have links to download the sets soon. There were many highlights and a couple of lowlights, but that's the way it goes. With all that, the ultimate may have been early in the night before the show even started when I learned that Joe Russo is a Shows of the Week fan. Bless his heart. The lowestlight was after the night was done and I realized that I had lost my sweatshirt. It was brown. Did you see it? That sucks. Thanks to all that came -- any feedback on the evening?
  • OTW is going to Hawaii next week! Kona to be specific. Any recs?
  • Hopefully a mix or two and some more SOTW to come, but don't expect too much content before the end of the month. Never you fret, though, I have lots of sweet looking shows on the horizon to make up for it.


Anonymous said...

Ned - would love more Nedstaglia on your February 93 Phish tour! The intro to Mikes is unigue w/ Trey talking, I love that Colgate Weekapaug!

Have a wonderful vacation!


Anonymous said...

It is nedriculous that we are not getting a FULL ON FREAKS BALL OCHO REVIEW-O-RAMA before you leave to your tropical island.

-Bob Frapples