14 February 2008

minimix: Be My Guest

Whilst I am on vacation, the minimix must go on with a guest spot from OTW friend and occasional commenter BFrapples. He's put together a nice 6 song set exploring the "Radioheadization" of jazz -- both as source material and as an influencing force on composition and playing. Anyway, take a look. 

(If you're interested in guest DJ'ing here in a future slot, let me know and we'll see what we can wrangle.)

01 Paranoid Android -- Brad Mehldau: Live In Tokyo (2003)
02 Myxomatosis -- Benevento/Russo: Paradise Rock Club, Boston MA 12/2/05
03 Talk Show Host -- Christopher O'Riley: Hold Me To This (2005)
04 Respiration -- Ben Allison: Buzz (2004)
05 Forces -- The Bad Plus: Suspicious Activity? (2005)
06 Maiden Voyage -- Robert Glasper: Mood (2004)

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Anonymous said...

I am probably the author of a majority of the comments here!!!

More Radioheadization:


-Bob Frapples