14 February 2008

minimix: Phishtalgia.3 2/93

Ah, they don't make 'em like they used to. Taste of some Phish from 15 years ago this month. I wrote about 2/4 here. With proper encouragement I may do the others as well when I find the time.


Download the mix

01 Buried Alive -- Roseland Ballroom, NYC 6 Feb 1993
02 Reba -- Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie NY 12 Feb 1993
03 My Friend My Friend -- 6 Feb 1993
04 The Wedge -- PPAC, Providence 4 Feb 93
05 Punch You In the Eye -- 5 Feb 1993
06 Harry Hood -- Providence, 4 Feb 93

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Rupert Entwistle said...

Thanks for that Weekapaug the other day. I'm finally getting around to listening to it with the morning coffee and I'll probably go outside and lift some cars now. Wow.

sweaty deuce said...

oh boy, more verbose reviews of phish. only if that means less postings on random Pahhn-ic shows from omaha or charleston. it almost has me wishing for a page from your Quadraphonic Spree journal. do we really need a play by play of the moment you & trey shared over one of your childhood dolls. & don't burnout before april/may when the tour & the band hit a 4 mo high.

ps- a feb '93 mix w/ no 'mound'. were we at the same shows. trey is god! trey is god!

neddy said...

Mmmmm... Mound