14 March 2007

Links: Cuse-ified

Indulge me for a paragraph and I'll throw something decent and a lil' more LJ your way...

First day of the NCAA's and I can't let it slide without at least mentioning "The Snub" as we're calling it with a capital "S." The shit's been hashed over aplenty, with the best work again by Baxter and Waters over at Syracuse.com. My favorite thing about this has been watching Boeheim just all over the place pleading his case. I don't recall as heavy a PR blitz just laying into the selection committee quite like this. I liken it to a good coach working the refs early in the game on some questionable calls and then getting all of them to fall his way during crunch time... I just don't see how we get screwed again. Anyway, last Cuse post until next year unless we end up winning the NIT!

Check out Boeheim on PTI here
His press conference here
Jimmy on the radio making a pretty damn good case

We could go on... by the way, if you'd like to be in my NCAA pool, get in touch before noon on Thursday. Onto some more links...

Which leads us to the third chapter in the Conversations with LJ (previously here and here). Seems to be our most popular segment here at OTW (she's earned her own blog tag!), and I'm happy to oblige, although I can't force the magic. I think it might be all downhill after last week, but we'll see what we get. Luckily for you, the lil' one obliged from the back seat once again...

LJ: Is this on TV?
Dad: Wha?
LJ: Like, do you think people are watching us right now on TV.
Dad: No.
LJ: How do you know?
Dad: Well, uhh... where are the cameras?
LJ: Cameras?
Dad: ...
LJ: I want to be on TV.
Dad: Do you think people would want to watch this?
LJ: Yeah! Everyone in the world could watch me....
Dad: Mmmm
LJ: ...except the people who don't know me.


Ted said...

Your Alma, Syracuse, versus my alma, DePaul, in the semis for NIT. Word.

I think ElJay is SORTA on to something - if you keep giving us updates then WE will be reading the telescript of her sit-com.

neddy said...

It's a common mistake that I went to Syracuse... I just grew up there. It makes the situation that much less healthy.

Otherwise... you're on!