01 March 2007

Links: Very Short Rambling...

Yesterday I posted some CD reviews including one by The Earlies and I was remembering where I had first heard about them: Very Short List. Totally worth signing up for: you get a quasi-daily email giving you a little heads up on music, movies, TV, books, weblinks, etc. One item a day and it actually does a pretty good job ferreting out something semi-obscure or under the radar. In a day when it's harder and harder to find something before it's already been beaten to death, it's pretty refreshing... not that I follow up on more than one or two of their suggestions, added a title to my Netflix queue but it still makes me feel a smidgen cooler. They've also got a nice overall aesthetic going on, so check it out.

Also cool: Tom The Dancing Bug comic over at Salon. I'm a big fan of Salon for a lot of reasons, but those Ruben Bolling comics kill me every week. Worth clicking through an ad for.

Other worthwhile goodies from my shared links from the past week:

Speaking of the lil' ones, here's a conversation from this week between me and LJ:

Dad [prepares to sink teeth into ribs]: mmm... ow, it's hot
LJ: What is? That? That meat or what do you call it?
Dad: It's ribs, it's pork
LJ: What's pork? Is that a kind of meat?
Dad: Yeah, it's from a pig.
LJ: People eat pigs!?!?
Dad: Yup.
LJ (waits a beat): Do people eat dogs?
Dad: Er... some do, I guess, but not in this country.
LJ: Good, I like dogs.
Dad (watches his daughters innocence melting before him)

Classic. And if you're wondering, I eat more than just flesh and fried foods and have actually lost 30+ lbs in the past year and have just started running again... so look out world!

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