08 March 2007

Links: With Friends Like These

  • Do you know that guy who Makes It Happen? The guy who not only has time to travel the country making good music happen on stages big and small, hit just about every meaningful show in the City, pimp strong for his friends and cook bacon-inspired meals for them when the mood strikes, scour every bit of poop on the internet and post heady comments on silly blogs like this, now has his own blog as well. If anyone should be gracing us with anecdotes from the road or turn us on to what we should be turned on to, it's him, so check it out. Of course, I only love him because he's a Syracuse native.
  • While you're wasting time in the blogdome, C-Dawg has got reviews and mixes just like me, but he gets out more often and has better taste in music.
  • A month or two back I did my best to sum up what I loved about Friday Night Lights, but Heather Havrilesky, one of my favorite writers on the web, does a much better job, seeing how her mission in life is to get people involved in good teevee... and this is better than good, it's grrrreat!
  • Some nifty NYC-centric photography
  • Being March, I'm happy to report that the Orange are still alive in the Big East and likely heading to the NCAA's once again. Did you see their new uniforms? You know when I was a kid.... some really good Cuse blogs:here, here and here
  • Finally, a pretty funny YouTube to get you through til Friday (via BoingBoing) a brilliant pre-computer edit of Ron & Nancy urging you to "Just Say Yes!" Definitely worth 7 minutes of your time:

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