05 March 2007

Photos: Continuing Education

Picture of John Zorn bumbling about in an appropriately confused manner on stage before the Old Knit birthday show/The Stone benefit at Town Hall last Thursday.

There are some really good shots of this one over at Pitchfork. You can read my lengthy review on the show over at Hidden Track.

and now another... Conversation with LJ, Chapter 2:
LJ (from the back seat of the family wagon): How do you make people?
Dad: Uh... what do you mean?
LJ: How do you make people? How did you make me?
Dad: Uh... daddies and mommies make people.
LJ: YOU know how to make people!?!
Dad (proudly): Yep.
LJ: You mean you wanted me?
Dad: Yeah, of course.
LJ: But how did you do it?
Dad: It's a secret, I'll tell you when you're older.
LJ: NO, just tell me now! How did you get me into Mommy's belly?
Dad: Magic. I'll tell you when you're older.
LJ: OK, maybe when I'm 8 you can tell me.
Dad (wiping brow): Sounds good.


makeithappen77 said...

Yr my idol.

Ted said...

I am impressed she actually let you off the hook. When does she turn 8?

Make sure to bring visual references when you finally do get to the creation lecture; a copy of the Til the Medecine Takes, a 6 pack of {your favorite beer here}, and some {your favorite take out here}.

neddy said...

She's only five and easily distracted, but I'm probably only off the hook for a short while before the next pop quiz... thanks for the tips!