29 March 2007

Links: Greatest hits

In a bit of a rut here at OTW, but never fear, I'll be checking out a couple of shows in the next few days and will report back here... although I'll be on the road for another week, so posting may be light.

In the meantime, Liffy's got a blog... BOTWston style. Check out his Do Make Say Think review, I'm checking them out tonight and can't wait.

I have do think I've been pretty consistent getting some downloadable tunes up there (and should have another mix for tomorrow). I'm loving Mediafire, the files never expire and you can see how many time each has been snatched. Here's a top ten OTW download list in case you're interested in being a part of the mob:

  1. Reno 97 part 1 -- this link must have been posted elsewhere which is cool, always feel free to spread the word, check out the flashback.
  2. Best of 2006 disc 1 -- the post
  3. minimix 8dec06 -- The Long Play -- Live in 2006
  4. minimix 9feb07 -- F.Art.S. Vol 1 (Metzger)
  5. Best of 2006 disc 2 -- (see above)
  6. Arcade Fire 17Feb97 -- the post
  7. minimix 16feb07 -- F.Art.S. Vol 2 (Herring)
  8. Reno 97 part 2 -- (see above)
  9. minimix 16mar07 -- Comes Alive Vol. 2
  10. minimix 15dec06 -- Wait A Minute! This is New Music?
  11. (tie) minimix 2mar07 -- Jazzercise.2 (g)
Austin was good, mostly work, but ate a shitload of beef. They actually have red meat flowing through pipes in Texas, there was a tap in my hotel room. Didn't get to go BBQ-exploring too much, but had a damn tasty brisket lunch at a place called Rudy's, which is like the McDonald's of Texas barbecue, but satisfactory nonetheless. While you're waiting in line, they have a camera above the carving guy so you can just watch brisket getting sliced while-U-wait. Still wrapping my mind around that one.

They also have a grocery store chain called HEB. Wow! No comment. I will, though, relay the conversation between the guy in front of me in line there and the cashier:

Guy: I like your lightsaber.
Cashier: Thanks.
Guy: You find you have to use that often.
Cashier: You never know. You can't be too careful.
Guy: I hear you. Have a nice day.

[jump cut to me finally inching up enough to see that this guy (the pubescent twerp from the Simpsons incarnate) has a plastic toy light saber attached to his belt]

Keep Austin weird!

late add: just found out that Tonic is closing its doors for good. At least, that's the word. Can't say I'm surprised, but let me be the first to say: FUCK! Def. a top 5 room in the city for me. More to follow. This picture pretty much explains why. (that lil building that could at the lower right that's being swallowed by that big blue thing... that's Tonic.

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