11 June 2007

Photo: Thursday night at Webster Hall

Went to see the Sea and Cake last week at Webster Hall. I forgot to bring my camera (most definitely a good thing), so you'll have to do with something decent for a change. Photo above pilfered from Clobby -- click on the link for more of his very fine Flickr set of the evening. Review (hopefully) tomorrow.

While driving home this evening I had a wonderful Kodak moment. In front of me was a fantastic purple-on-grey lightning storm, to the right of me was brilliant dusk-in-early-June sunshine and to the left of me was a crispy ROYGBIV rainbow offset from a more dull duplicate (DUDE, double rainbow) set against some ashen clouds. David Grisman on the stereo. No camera, though, so my description will have to suffice. Just wanted to share.

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