05 June 2007

Visuals: Hail Denver

Stole this picture from here. Was in Denver all last week (and yet blogged without fail) and saw one of the crazier hail storms -- thankfully from my hotel room -- on Tuesday morning. This video does pretty good justice... just don't get that kind of shit out east.

Random thoughts from a week abroad:

  • No music, but had a C-list blogger convention with T-Rock in Boulder. Nice to get close to the mountains every once in a while.
  • How is it that I treat my body the absolute worst when I'm traveling for work? One night I literally had 6 Fat Tires (free ones) and an ice cream sundae for dinner. Lots of free Fat Tires, actually... holy shit, that stuff is good, nearly turned me back into a beer drinker. Averaged about 4 hours of sleep the entire week... who said scientists and engineers don't know how to party?
  • Always interesting to see how all politics is local -- how everything trickles down and is truly noticeable in another city. Everything from the cleanliness of the streets, the abundance of unchecked homeless dudes scampering around the city center and the strict adherence to ID-checking at bars even for the 40-somethings amongst us made Denver what it was for me.
  • Hit my best round of golf yet this season -- that is, a less smelly piece of shit. If I continue to play like that, expect more flogblogging this summer.
  • Speaking of scruffy looking dudes en masse: can someone explain the glut of orthodox Jews at the jetBlue annex early Sunday morning at JFK? The terminal was full and at least half of the people in there were coming down from their morning prayers. It is always like that? They weren't even going to the same place. Bizarro.
  • I was wrong to think I would get any sleep on the red eye home.


C-Dawg said...

I know what you're talking about with all the OJs at JFK 5am...except it was in the Song terminal (Delta's equivalent of Jet Blue) on a Tuesday. Is Song still around?
Also, can Number One Super Bad Plus Fan get them to play a FREE show this summer??

neddy said...

[Closing my eyes real tight and wishing so very hard for free outdoor NYC Bad Plus show]

Did it work?